Justin Sun Twitter Account: Are Half of Followers Fake?

It's no secret in the crypto scene that the CEO of the famous Chinese crypto project Tron (TRX) likes to play with big announcements and hypes. But how many people does Justin Sun really reach? According to a recent report from Cryptoslate, that should be only half as many people as previously thought. Because behind 50% of the followers there should be no real people.

Marketing and hype guru Justin Sun

The number of likes and followers on the Internet should be enjoyed with great caution. Because in 2019 everyone can use a short Google research to find out how to buy likes and followers for little money. That does bring none real follower - but it creates the illusion in people that it is a famous personality or a sought-after product.

Even the crypto space does not seem free from so-called Fake followers be. How cryptoslate reports, there is some noticeable data on Justin Sun's Twitter account. Marketing and hype guru Justin Sun made no secret of reaching his 1 million followers on Twitter. By constantly marking other famous people like Vitalik Buterin, he tries to expand this number. (Current status: 1,7 million followers)

But especially in the last 30 days, according to analyzes by cryptoslate noticeable changes in his number of followers. Daily should average more than 5.000 people decide which TRON CEO to follow. For comparison: Vitalik Buterins Follower number increased by a maximum of 200 people per day. The strikingly low number of likes and comments also suggests that a large part of his followers Fakes concerns.

The decisive date for the allegations is October 11, 2018, when Sun almost fell into one fell swoop 6.000 new followers - for no particular reason. Also exciting: in May 2018, Sun lost over 30.000 followers in one day, only to gain 29.000 followers the next day. Assuming that the majority of new followers have been bought since October 2018, a large part of the 1,7 million followers on the Twitter account would have been bought.



Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0