Tron (TRX) is said to have received $ 2 million from the US Corona Aid Package

Tron Corona Aid Package

What the Bitcoin Halving is for the crypto community is currently the new virus Covid-19 for the global economy. Everyone knows it, everyone talks about it. Companies from all over the world are affected by the consequences of the global spread of the virus. To prevent a total collapse of the economic system, states around the world have announced aid packages. However, society does not always agree on the actual need for these packages. The news is particularly critical in the crypto community that Justin Sun and Tron are said to have got a total of two million US dollars through the US aid package. 

Corona aid package intended for small businesses

Found out this Matthew Graham, who posts on twitter as "mattysino". He is Managing director at Sino Global Capittal, a blockchain investment company based in Beijing. In his tweet, he claims that Tron successfully applied for money from the aid package Has. He is referring to Tron's official WeChat channel, in which the message is said to have been confirmed in Mandarin.


The community is far from happy. Tron and Justin Sun are brewing on Twitter little shitstorm together. Especially because the current one assets of the hype guru Justin Sun on more than 200 Million USD is appreciated. Mike Dudas, founder of theblock news portal, writes on Twitter: "Justin Sun of Tron spent $ 2020 million on a Warren Buffet meal in February 4,5, shortly before he received a $ 2 million US government loan that was for small businesses."

Not an illegal or fraudulent act

Despite all the criticism, the question remains, who is the one here "Debt" really lies. Because Tron uses it here no illegal activitybut only takes the portion of the aid package that has been officially approved by the United States government. There is still no statement from Tron or Justin Sun. At the current speed at which the news is spreading, however, a quick, official statement should follow.

UPDATE from May 7.05.2020th, 11, 39:XNUMX am: A Tron spokesman has met CoinDesk commented on the allegations:

We are a private company, and because this is a financial issue, we cannot comment on it. I am pleased to announce, however, that our top priority is to follow the rules and laws of the governments in which we build our global community.

A clear answer remains open. If there is more information, we will update the article.



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