TronTV: TRON (TRX) rivals YouTube

TRON or its cryptocurrency TRX is the 14th largest crypto project in the world based on market capitalization. Within a very short time, the project developed into one of the best known and most popular ideas, not least because of the marketing affine CEO Justin Sun. With TronTV you want to reward users for watching videos - and compete with YouTube.

Earn money by looking at advertisements

After TRON took over Bittorrent has taken over the P2P sharing market the next goal is now targeted: the market for online videos. Top dog YouTube will not have to worry for now, but in the long term, an offer like that from TrbonTV is certainly interesting for many people. Because Justin Sun and his team are planning that To reward viewers with BTT (Bittorrent Token) or USDT.

TRON CEO Justin Sun tweeted:

TRONTV users get BTT and USDT by viewing advertisements.


Users of the free platform can get tokens in the form of BTT or USDT by viewing advertising. Unlike on YouTube, where only the operator of the platform receives money for advertising. According to Justin Sun, there are already "Millions of users". The website is also in the Alexa ranking in the top 8000.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the platform yourself, goes to the TRONTV website here.



Photo credit: | CC0