Oops: Justin Sun withdraws $ 1,000,000 USD offer to track down the Twitter hacker

The Twitter world stopped briefly less than two weeks ago. Everything focused on which account would be affected next. Because a hacker managed to gain access to any Twitter account. He used this to post fraudulent content and rip off investors' bitcoins. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, promised a $ XNUMX million reward for those who help locate the attacker.

Justin Sun pays reward out of his own pocket

The Twitter hacker shows the social media world what power skilled hackers can have. He gained access to many large Twitter accounts such as those of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. The profiles of Barack Obama and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos were also affected. Twitter should now do everything possible to find the attacker and clarify the matter.

Support was given by Tron and Bittorrent CEO Justin Sun, who is known for knowing how to market himself and his project perfectly. He took advantage of the offer by offering $ 15 million to track down the hacker. He would pay the reward out of his own pocket, as the Bittorrent social media team announced on Twitter on July XNUMX:

But like the news portal cointelegraph reported a few days ago, TRON and Bittorrent did not want to know much about information that could cause the hacker to snap. A stranger reported that the company was not interested in its information.

Tron withdraws offer

Now it became clear why Tron and Justin Sun were not interested in the information. After the cointelegraph report appeared, Justin Sun spoke personally on Twitter. And indeed: the offer was withdrawn. Tron and Justin Sun no longer reward them for tracking down the hacker.

As a reason, the Tron CEO gives legal reasons. According to his statements, the FBI is now investigating the incident and you are forced to keep your distance from the investigations. He writes on Twitter:

We originally offered the bounty to get clues, but now that the FBI is supporting this investigation, we have no choice but to comply with law enforcement agencies. The bounty was withdrawn so as not to interfere with the FBI's investigation. Hopefully the FBI will catch the hackers soon!

Even if the explanation sounds plausible, it leaves the community with a bland aftertaste. Because while the offer of the reward was advertised loudly, only a few are informed of the withdrawal of the offer. For many, another Justin Sun marketing move.


Markus from Kryptokumpel.de
Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0