Video: Justin Sun calls TRON a Shitcoin

There are many controversial projects in the crypto world. But mostly these are located further back in the crypto ranking. One of the more well-known projects, which has many opponents, is the Chinese cryptocurrency TRON. Due to plagiarism allegations and marketing and hypeguru Justin Sun, many are very skeptical about the project. A new video should now provide these opponents with new material.

"Buy my shitcoin"

Peter McCormack, Hoster one Crypto podcasts, is with almost 75.000 followers a notoriety in cryptoversum. The Bitcoin fan met at the one taking place in North America Satoshi Roundtable TRON CEO Justin Sun. He promptly took the opportunity to ask the controversial Sun a few questions. In the not too serious interview, Justin Sun calls his own cryptocurrency Shitcoin and urges investors to buy his Shitcoin:



When asked by McCornack whether TRON is a reputable cryptocurrency or a Shitcoin, Justin Sun replies: "the Shitco! "Both Sun and McCornack appear on the video drunk, or to be tipsy. Fans of the cryptocurrency TRON, which is 13th in terms of market capitalization, even see one in the video Marketing gimmick of the TRON CEO. According to the motto: bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Buy my shitcoin, because it is an Ethereum killer.

Justin Sun only commented on McCornack's tweet, which contains the video with the interview, as "Lol".

McCornack is more likely behind that fun video a serious message want to convey. Because after the interview, he doesn't say good words about TRON and Sun on Twitter:

  • Tron is a stupid shitcoin
  • Justin doesn't come on my show
  • I wasn't paid by Justin
  • Justin didn't lend me a private jet

In summary, you can probably watch the video shouldn't take it seriously and Justin Sun was kidding here. Everyone has to form their own opinion about how this joke was and will be received.


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