Crypto wallet maker Ledger hacked - one million customer data stolen

One of the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies is safe keeping. The French manufacturer Ledger is one of the largest companies with its hardware wallets to ensure this. But Ledger is also not safe from attacks. As has now become known, one fell victim to a hacker attack. Customer data has been stolen, and investors' capital should be safe.

Hackers got access to customer database

Ledger announced in a press release knownto be the victim of a hacker attack on June 25 and July 14. Unfortunately, the attacker was more than successful. As the company announces, more than one million addresses and the first, last name, address, phone number, and details about the products ordered have been stolen from more than 9,500 customers. The official statement states:

Contact and order data were involved. These are usually the e-mail addresses of our customers, about 1M addresses. Following the investigation of the situation, we were also able to determine that the first and last name, postal address, telephone number or ordered products were also disclosed to a subgroup of 9500 customers. Due to the extent of this violation and our obligation to our customers, we have decided to inform all of our customers about this situation.

The attacker had accessed the French hardware wallet manufacturer's e-commerce and marketing database. Ledger drew attention to a user who had participated in the company's reward program.

According to the company, payment data and the capital stored on the hardware wallets are secure. According to Ledger's press release, no passwords were stolen. Nevertheless, it was seen as a duty to inform customers about the incident. The incident is still under investigation.

Community is disappointed with Ledger

It should be clear to everyone that the crypto community is anything but pleased with this news. In an industry that is all about decentralization and security, hacking the manufacturer who is actually responsible for keeping their cryptocurrencies safe is particularly bitter.

Many users spread their displeasure on Twitter, according to some users the report about the stolen data is much too late, others are simply disappointed with the incident and are considering switching to other manufacturers.

The user @ kerching1 writes:

These email addresses and personal addresses can be used for other crypto exchanges. The hackers may have already tried to break into other accounts. Why are we only now learning about this hack?

The user @melfalou does not want to trust any company that ensures the safety of users, but is hacked themselves:

I wonder how a company that sells security devices got hacked itself!

Even if Ledger publishes the incident transparently, it will definitely have a negative and long-term impact. The reactions of the community are clear and the competition doesn't sleep.

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