What is IOTA?

IOTA - the German giant among cryptocurrencies

IOTA uses different technology than Bitcoin

IOTA is always mentioned in a sentence with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. But on the other hand, the general opinion, the cryptocurrency has nothing to do with blockchain technology. IOTA is an innovative and groundbreaking, quantum-proof protocol based on the so-called Tangle.


IOTA has partnerships with big players in the business world

It was founded in 2015 by David Sønstebø, Sergey Ivancheglo, Dr. Serguei Popovvom and the 22-year-old South Tyrolean Dominik Schiener. You can find an interview conducted by Martin Lanz on ZDF below in the post. Meanwhile, IOTA can add a lot of the big players in the business world to theirs partners counting. These include VW and Bosch. Other companies like Microsoft, the German Telekom and Fujitsu already showed interest. So the future is promising!

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What is the tangle?


Tangle transactions run in parallel

The Tangle is very different from the blockchain technology used by Bitcoin and Ethereum. The biggest difference and at the same time enormous advantage to blockchain technology is that Tangle with increasing number of transactions does not slow down - but faster and more secure!

Unbelievable, is not it? This is achieved because the Tangle technology enables parallel confirmations of the transactions. By sending a transaction always confirmed two other transactions at the same time. The network is powered by the nodes of the users. There are no miners and the maximum number of IOTA is included 2.779.530.283

Like right now? IOTA, MIOTA or GIOTA?

With the cryptocurrency IOTA, you always have to be very careful about the letter before the word. If you read about the current IOTA course, you actually always experience the course of a "MIOTA". 1 MIOTA corresponds to a million IOTA. Because pictures say more than 1000 words, here is a simple picture for explanation. Tip: You also buy a certain number of "MIOTA" on the platforms and exchanges.

What can IOTA do better?

  • No transaction fees
  • The network becomes faster the more people / machines use it
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Comparatively little computing power required
  • No more miners necessary: ​​the transactions are taken over by other computers
  • IOTA is supported by its own IOTA Foundation
  • Partnerships with VW, BOSCH and Fujitsu

IOTA and the Internet of Things

The cryptocurrency is particularly useful for the IoT, i.e. the Internet of Things. More and more devices are permanently connected to the Internet. For the time being, IOTA is concentrating on the payment between two machines and, at least until now, wants to be less of a currency for people. It remains to be seen whether the many advantages will continue to be so in the future. For example, your car could pay for the parking lot, or your fridge would regularly order yogurt, eggs, and butter and pay the supplier automatically. But IOTA can also be used in completely different areas, such as temperature measurement. An example: with the help of the Tangle, the unused energy from private solar or wind systems could be resold every second. 

Do you want to buy IOTA?

Because IOTA is very well known, the cryptocurrency is available on many exchanges. For ease of use and without risk, we recommend Binance.

Dominik Schiener, the founder of IOTA, about his life and IOTA - worth seeing!

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