Ethereum - what is it?

Most people who have ever been exposed to cryptocurrencies have heard of bitcoins. But there is another player in the crypto world that is becoming increasingly popular - Ethereum. According to market capitalization, Ethereum is in second place, right behind Bitcoin and was relatively close to first place in the past. Ethereum was invented by the native Russian Vitalik Buterin, a superstar in the crypt world. But what is Ethereum and why is it so popular?

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Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum

Central data storage

The problem - central data storage

Data on the Internet is always stored centrally. Even if providers want to create the illusion with the word “cloud” that your data is stored decentrally, nothing else is behind it than a huge central server. This makes your data vulnerable, which can be a real problem, especially with sensitive data such as passwords. That this happens more often than you think, you can read again and again in the news.

How can Ethereum solve this problem?
Ethereum is the opposite of central data storage. By decentralizing using blockchain technology, Ethereum wants to make intermediaries superfluous and monitor the fulfillment of contracts through so-called smart contracts. Data, contracts and many more are no longer stored centrally on a huge server by large companies, but decentrally on the blockchain.

How is this blockchain powered?

The Ethereum network is powered by so-called nodes. Nodes can be operated by any private person. These keep the network running and check transactions that are carried out via Ether (the currency of Ethereum).


Why is Ethereum particularly popular?

Ethereum is not only known for its decentralization, but especially for the so-called "Smart Contracts”Technology. Smart contracts are programs that can take on various functions. An example: Person A and person B conclude a contract that a certain amount of ether is transferred when a service is performed. If this service is performed, the smart contract recognizes this state and carries out the transfer. The smart contract is stored in the blockchain.

What are dApps?

Another aspect that makes Ethereum so popular are so-called dApps. Like the name can already be guessed, these are apps. But not about conventional ones, but about dApps = decentralized apps. Manufacturers of conventional apps for central stores like Android and iOS have the problem of being dependent on the requirements and specifications of Google and Apple. If these are not met, the developers have no chance of making their applications available to users in this way.

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