Apple employee: Cryptos have interesting long-term potential

In an interview with the US television station CNN, an Apple employee talks about cryptocurrencies and their potential, among other things. Even if one does not currently work intensively on the development and implementation, it does not seem to be averse to the new technology.

Focus on what consumers use

The adaptation of the consumers will be decisive for the long-term success of Bitcoin and CO., Whose purpose is primarily as a means of payment. Jennifer Bailey is Vice President at Apple Pay, The in-house payment system from Apple and big Competitor zu Google Pay. In an interview with CNN at a business event a few days ago, she explains that the iPhone makers have at least "an eye" on cryptocurrencies. In your opinion, the technology has an interesting one Long-term potential, but so far it has failed due to the adaptation of the mass:

We think it has an interesting long-term potential. But we are currently focusing primarily on what consumers are using today.

Even if cryptocurrencies are not ruled out, Apple wants to focus on those technologies that are accepted by consumers. It is often hidden by many crypto enthusiasts: the actual use of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. is in reality much less than many would like.

But especially in the area of ​​payments with QR technologyBailey sees great potential:

If you look at QR payment solutions and the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies, I think that you will see a constant change here.

According to the latest Posts are meanwhile more than a billion transactions processed monthly via Apple Pay. This is almost double the number of transactions compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The service is currently available in 47 countries.

To date, no connections between Apple and crypto projects have been established.


Photo credit: | CC0