IOTA demonstrates DLT applications together with Jaguar and Land Rover

In many projects it is often difficult to distinguish whether there is more to new partnerships than pure publicity. There is often no official press release from the partners, just the crypto teams. You can't say that at IOTA. Because it seems that large corporations like Jaguar Land Rover Ltd have recognized the potential of the new technology.

Focus on energy, mobility, real estate and urban planning

Together with employees of the IOTA Foundation, Jaguar, Land Rover and Positive Cityxchange in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim discuss possibilities of the DLT. The event will primarily focus on the applications of the Block chain technology fur das Internet of Things be presented and explained. These could be of particular interest in the area of ​​smart cities. The focus is on the interfaces between energy, mobility, real estate and urban planning.

In the official press release the organizer states:

IOTA and its global ecosystem work in the areas of energy, mobility, real estate, IoT and supplement chain management and face the challenges of digital trust and enable new solutions and business models.

The following topics are on the agenda at the event in Trondheim:

  • IOTA updates: organization, technology, use cases, ecosystem updates
  • + CityxChange: Smart City Transitions to Positive Energy Blocks
  • JLR: IOTA car smart wallet and its potential applications
  • IOTA: What's happening next in Norway? How to get involved and innovate together?

That Jaguar and IOTA are working together is nothing new. Because it was already public at the end of April that the two were working on innovative solutions for the mobility industry. Together they became one Smart wallet developed that allow drivers of a Land Rover to earn IOTA by providing various data. Experts believe that in the future more and more cars will have independent wallets, which should make it easier to pay for parking spaces or pay for electricity for an electric car. IOTA is chosen by the industry because (almost) free transactions for Micropayments particularly well suited.



Photo credit: | CC0