Paraguay completes trading in Argentine assets in Bitcoin (BTC)

Photo: Imelda / Unleashed

After only a few weeks ago about the Establishment of a sustainable mining center in Paraguay reported, there is again positive news from the South American landlocked country on the subject of crypto-adaptation. The first time was paid to trade goods between Paraguay and Argentina in Bitcoins (BTC). That reports Cointelegraph Espanol and relies on information provided by the Bitex CEO to assist in the transaction.

Export of pesticides

crypto currencies offer a wide range Advantages. One of these benefits is that Use for cross-border transactions. While traditional payments often involve high fees and take too much time, Bitcoins do this quickly and inexpensively. Were traded Pesticides and fumigants in the value of 7.100$. The bitcoins were then converted into national currency, the Argentine peso, to pay the bills with the exporter.

The Argentine company served as the payment service provider Bitex. The Latin American financial service providers supports transactions with bitcoins and has been commissioned to support trading. Manuel Beaudroit, CMO of Bitex, told Cointelegraph that Argentina was one for the first time Goods shipped to Paraguay, the paid with bitcoins were. The deal is an important step to connect the Latin American economies and make them more competitive. Bitex is part of an export program designed to facilitate the export of goods for less than $ 15.000.

Bitcoin is particularly popular in economically vulnerable countries More and more popular. In Venezuela, the volume of the LocalBitcoins trading platform increased due to ongoing hyperinflation to a new record high.

Even if it seems to outsiders, among other things due to the sharply lower prices, as if Bitcoin and other crypto currencies hardly anymore Find application. This, and Further news show that we are more at the beginning than at the end.


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