Weiss Ratings embarrassed itself again on Twitter - VeChain, EOS, Cardano

Weiss Crypto Ratings is often cited in cryptoversum and describes itself as "Leading provider of independent, uninfluenced, trusted information about cryptocurrencies, ETFs and financial institutions"But the fact that this does not appear to be the case was demonstrated by the agency at the beginning of the year when an FUD article about nano was published.

VeChain doesn't need a token?

That's exactly why we decided at the time to take all posts from Weiss Ratings from our website and no longer to report on the agency. Yet again Weiss Ratings proves but not entirely impartial Evaluate cryptocurrencies.

At Twitter the Weiss Ratings Account posts the following: "The value of a token is 99% pure speculation, and is not measured by the value it can bring to society, claims the VeChain founder. He should know that VeChain doesn't need a token for what it does."

The community, especially supporters of VeChain cryptocurrencies understandably responded not pleased. Twitter user "micktheskinz" replies:

How should a public blockchain work without a tokenized system that drives the ecosystem? Know I would like an answer. "

Other users report that Weiss Ratings only shoots against cryptocurrencies that are not in their portfolio. In addition, large partners from industry such as DNV GL, BMW or Walmart are already cooperating with VeChain. DNV GL is an expert in technical advice with an annual total sales from more than 2 billion euros and is working on this with VeChainTo provide wine bottles with a QR code, based on which interested consumers Track the history of the wine, from the grape to the finished bottle can.

The question is how seriöse an agency like Weiss Ratings can be used that arbitrarily reveals wrong facts to the public. We hope this was our last post on Weiss - unless there is a need to report again. Especially in one controversial market like the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it would be important impartial and objective educate people.

Who is detailed about the Tokenomics from VeChain, can read more here.

Another tweet, which does not necessarily underline the "independence" of Weiss Ratings, was only published a few days ago:
"Cardano is clearly superior to EOS. EOS was the first on the market, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Cardano is superior."


Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0